CEO, Mark Hurd Is Ready

Oracle is amongst the world’s largest technology organizations under CEO Mark Hurd, with 37 billion dollars in yearly income. Each year many thousands of eager industry minded individuals, both professional and otherwise flock to San Francisco to participate in Oracle’s Open World tech conference.

CEO Mark Hurd is in part to thank for the great success at Oracle. It is the passion and conviction that Hurd works with that improves Oracle, not simply the checks and balances he provides his teams. Hurd is a smart man, commonly referenced for his great memory which gives him the ability to move around without several assistants everywhere he goes. Hurd uses this gift to enable himself to do more in his day without having to ask an assistant what he has to do next; freeing up his mind to focus on what he loves most- ensuring Oracle’s future in the ever evolving industry of technology.

Hurd’s role as CEO requires him to create and grow a unified mission for oracle while at the same time deploying that mission on all fronts. Beyond those responsibilities, Hurd is also responsible for ensuring that the organizations leadership is consistently aware of the competitive industry trends, and provides oversite that promises Oracles ability to expand into new markets and develop new standards in the markets they are currently in.
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Another important part of Hurds responsibilities at Oracle is interacting on a public level, giving interviews, speeches, and joining in on activities in a local community or state.The OpenWorld 2016 Conference is a great example of how Hurd promotes Oracle by engaging customers, professionals, and those looking for something fun to do all at the same time.
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This year, at OpenWorld 2016, Oracle is rolling out the carpet for Hurd and some of the biggest names in the industry, they will be talking to the right people about the important topics that individuals like you and large organizations alike have an invested interest in.

OpenWorld 2016 represents the fruit of Hurd’s and furthermore Oracle’s labor in the tech industry, and is being celebrated September 18-22 2016.

Hurd’s goal at the end of the day is to ensure that all of his efforts are not lost in a failure to collect and manage the information gathered, which is why he also takes that information to make adjustments to different departments in Oracle to ensure the highest return from the effort invested.

Hurd is a pivotal key player who is instrumental in deciding the future at Oracle.

With Hurd’s engagement and investment into the future of Oracle, there is little concern that Oracle will not be amongst the top in the tech industry for years to come.

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