Power Rangers Games : Samurai

Power Rangers Games : Samurai

Nostalgia for fans of superheroes Power Rangers have been a little relieved. The film adaptation of the series of children’s artificial Saban has had a teaser trailer premiered filed in cyberspace last weekend. However, the content uploaded videos Lionsgate studio is not as previously thought. This news make a few of power rangers games is published on 2017.

Power Rangers 2017

Through one of the uploader of the video sites, Lionsgate ensure that the Power Rangers will arrive in theaters in March 2017. Video teaser trailer duration of 2 minutes 20 seconds is accompanied by a song called “I Walk The Line” sung by Halsey. This song will always looks good on our memories right? And yes it will be the main song for some free power rangers samurai on some apps today.

power rangers samurai

In addition, the teaser trailer was also confirmed that the five young men in this film has the same name as the original series: Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Zack. However, there is little change of a race between Trini, Billy, and Zack.

Beginning this trailer depicts the daily life of five teenagers in superhero’s candidate, both at school and in the family environment. Some of them have problems with parents, friends at school, to the relationships among friends. Thus, the fifth as described feeling lonely until finally together in one place.

All five were then discovered cliffs infestation by alien spacecraft. After touching a foreign object. After the incident, the fifth straight have special powers. They become a man with a very strong body. Plagued by a variety of events did not make sense, then they are curious and explore the deeper plane.

But unexpectedly, his fifth straight morphed into a figure with alien costumes. At the end of the teaser trailer, it appears the scene just closed with the changing form of Jason as the Red Ranger. Unfortunately, the changes are not shown until completion. In fact, a uniform look the other members of the Power Rangers are also not shown.

From the teaser trailer, it is seen that almost resembles a Power Rangers movie Project Almanac also directed by Dean Israelite. In fact, for those who have watched the film titled Chronicle will definitely feel deja vu with some scenes in this teaser. Hopefully, the next long trailer will show a lot more action scenes and special effects are better.

Power Rangers faithful lovers are now looking forward to his new movie which will air next year. The concept is to be played was not different from the classic series. One is the emergence of a giant robot of each member called Dinozord.

As reported by Slash Film, Wednesday (09/21/2016), the last five dinosaur robot that will perform in the latest film Power Rangers have been exhibited. All five are ancient animals which represent exactly the same as the old version, but with a more modern design.

All five include Tyrannosaurus Dinozord to Red Ranger, Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord for the Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger Dinozord Triceratops, Pterodactyl … Read More