Math Fun Facts

Welcome back to playcoolmathgames, a place to have fun through games and guess Mathematical Logic. It is undeniable that mathematics is a lesson that can not be separated from our lives. Can you imagine how difficult it everyday life without mathematics? But ironically in the school situation is totally contrary to the reality. Ask the students then most will find it difficult to understand the mathematics. Worse motivation and interest in learning math become very less also.


As a teachers we need to ask and find out why math is a lesson most boring class in the eyes of students and almost in most school, math achievement has the ugliest score :).

Math is not only the study of calculation and measurement, but also the ability to analyze if the questions presented in the form of a story. Need strategy or special learning method that can activate the ability level of students’ understanding of this capability in order what they can do not only memorization and simple procedure. The government in this case consists of experts in education and great teachers are constantly looking for new innovations in order to optimize the learning of mathematics in school. Which is still under discussion today is the curriculum in 2013 with a scientific approach and authentic assessment that continued criticism and controversy.

For my class, I often provide learning alternatives in the form of Game Mathematics and mathematical logic riddles to create active and engaging learning climate.

Besides being able to stimulate the development of cognitive and psychomotor, guessing games and math is also to minimize the saturation of the students because they are in a fun learning environment, not in an atmosphere that makes them bored. A conducive learning atmosphere could eventually facilitate the understanding of mathematics materials by the students, which is expected to rise their ouput study results.

Math Games in the Classroom

Teachers will not be less ‘play’ because the teacher is the mastermind. Idiom will last for a time when teachers constantly develop themselves and their competence through learning process which continually them by reading and following the development of technology that is increasingly new noticeably faster.

Here I will try to share some of the ideas associated with guessing the logic that teachers can use to attract attention, interest and active participation of students and can bring students into a conducive learning atmosphere.
This idea I got from some browsing and reading then I modified as necessary to be eligible to be used in the classroom.

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